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Continuously updated, especially over the years

past for which it is difficult to find documentation.

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Interview on


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Stefano Mauti

Vanessa Rusci Intervista

"Siena Invisible city ... Which can be perceived."

19 September 2015

Santa Maria della Scala museum complex


Storm Auto Siena

Patronage of

Municipality of Siena

The Nation of Siena

5 September 2015

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Marco Brogi

relating to participation

at Exposure Paris

at the Louvre Museum


"Women on women - 1"

Here I am interviewed by Efrem Raimondi together with 11 other Italian photographers

Chiara Room

July 2015

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Gigi Lusini

"About your body ..."

Photographic Workshop

on self-portrait and nude

only for women.

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Sandro Iovine

12 April 2015



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