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Attention 2004 

Media plagiarism
Interactive installations.
A hand-made carpet of colored plasticine hides an inscription made with newspaper headlines, which reads:
"Sometimes they grab your attention so you don't look away."
The carpet acts as a catalyst and "hides", in the sense that it distracts from looking, the exhibition on the sides of the room by Andrea Roldan, a Colombian photographer, who has made a report on children in the Molise earthquake.
Once all the plasticine has been removed, the writing remains, gray on gray on the floor and he shows it on the walls.
In the other room a carpet of 6 meters each, completely covered in sweets that the artist offers to visitors.
Under the candy are hidden images torn from newspapers depicting anorexic models.
Only these images remain of these installations created in Siena in 2004 in collaboration with the Municipality of Buonconvento for the Val D'Arbia Festival.
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