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Photographers reflect on contemporary Grosseto 
edited by Vanessa Rusci 


“For Fontcuberta the term postphotography, coined in 1988 by the Canadian artist David Thomas, indicates «what goes beyond and transcends photography. At least photography as we have known it until now »

The exhibition presents some works created during the art and photography workshop held in Clarisse by Vanessa Rusci. 
The purpose of the workshop was to provide participants with the tools to tell the Maremma beyond the stereotypes of representation, experimenting with the new languages of photography and contemporary art. Digital collages, defragmentations, self-portraits and performances, installations, overlays and poems. Moods, suggestions for the future, criticisms and dreams were the topics and expressive tools proposed in the workshop, which also included the incipit of a collective project "Portrait of Grosseto": by means of a series of photographic sets in the public spaces of the city, tell Grosseto through "on the road" but posed portraits of its inhabitants. 

The exhibition at the Polo delle Clarisse, from 17 to 24 September 2022, presents selections of images from the projects of:
Carlotta Bevacqua, Laura Tralli, Michelangelo Bonitatibus, Alessandro Fazi, Alberto Franceschini, Michele Fusco, Chiara Innocenti, Indre Lakickaite, Flavia Musella, Giacomo Picchi, Daniele Sarno, Chiara Severi, Elettra Vannucci. 


 We live in an age where images overwhelm and suffocate us,

we undergo a super-hyper production of photographs, often empty and unaware.

There is a need for slowness and reflection.To enjoy doing and stop using disposable consumerism, including photography.

Paraphrasing Bruno Munari, when everything is photography, nothing is photography.

A project allows you to think.

To evaluate the images that are produced, their contents.

In a project there is the expression of us, aware.

A collective project allows you to experiment with relationships and their complex mechanisms.

Art is always a social experiment.

A project takes time.

These are projects built "quickly" in five months.

Good vision

Vanessa Rusci

„TREE | the very slow explosion | of a seed.“

Bruno Munari

Thanks to

The Polo Culturale Le Clarisse and Fondazione Cultura

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