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Vanessa Rusci, who am I?

Transversality is not a defect and age helps. I have worked and still work in Italy and abroad in several sectors and in several disciplines, I am not a know-it-all but my experience in art, photography, information technology and communication has meant that I can move easily in many sectors . Thanks to the discovery of multi-potentiality, I reassured myself that yes: I could do everything right!

I have a communication studio since
I am founder and partner of the NONAME COLLECTIVE GALLERY project born in London in 2017, for this project I select artists for the magazine and for the online gallery.
I created the magazine 100 VWorld Art Photography MAG Project in London, on contemporary photography that I personally curate for NNC Project.
I collaborate in California with Smart Photo for contemporary photographic research.
I currently collaborate with QUESTit Italia for art projects on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.
I collaborate in Rome with IPOD psychodrama training school.
I collaborate in Rome with Plays Produzioni cinema.
I collaborate with Bam Editore of Antonio Manta (Courses and events)
Currently I have helped with the Coaching started in 2017, at least 50 Italian and foreign artists to enter foreign galleries.


Art and performance... if I don't express myself I don't live!

Installations, performances, exhibitions, vjing, art and marketing, a random mash up of pieces from my career.

Clicking on the images opens a window with a sequence of my works.

For info and questions

A story in images

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