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I have always used the web as an art tool, exhibition space, experimentation area.

First following the movements of Net Art, then with the advent of Social Networks by entering the area of social net art.

What is Social Net Art?

It is that art that is born, develops, uses social media as a creative tool.

Mine is a continuous research and experimentation.

The Social allows instant fruition but it is also an infinite Ganges where art gets lost.

I use Instagram, Facebook, many blogs, websites, and everything else I come across.

Impromptuness. Immediate use. Immediate creative act.

Connection on a network that touches the whole world.

Endless collaboration possibilities.

Creation of multi-handed works.

Infinite field of experimentation and contamination.

Virtual. and much much more...

The following accounts are part of my experimentation:


                  paranoid she became happy


Facebook:We Social 4 Women 

                  Varu Vanessa Rusci Art  

                  About my body

Which are not just pages or accounts but are used to create and not just to share images and searches.

The hashtags I use the most are:





Tumblr #ivandamariottini blog Varu, Paranoi, Ivanda and me


#paranoiac has become happy







Vanessa Rusci contemporary art

Contemporary photography


Photography pills

MANY WORKS ARE NOT AVAILABLE BECAUSE they are impromptu and deliberately not tagged, usable only by those who follow my Socials and for the standard time of the Social itself. (each social network has a different usage time)

Other projects are managed anonymously that deal with themes such as the Fake and related to research artistic movements.


Who is the fairest of them all? Snapchat 2017

post poesia e violenza.jpg

We Social for Women - My diary

SHOTS - impromptu photography on VaRu Artist

RESHOT Without time my lost past comes b
RESHOT Cercavo pezzi di me.jpg


RESHOT A fuoco solo il cuore 20x20 print
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