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My training offers will allow you to choose the best package for you. After studying photography for a while, you may need new stimuli, insights, you may want to try new paths.

Obviously I am available for specific requests with which we will study together the path to follow. There are already many photographers who have turned to me over the years.

I have been teaching for more than 20 years and I take particular care of my courses to ensure that the participants can get the most from me. My groups are small and I prefer to teach during private lessons which allow the student to grow much faster by focusing on his specific needs. However, I believe in exchange and on social media I have created several communities where we can exchange ideas, get to know each other and relate to other photographers.

With the study of photography, my studies of psychodramatic techniques, coaching and psychology, I offer concrete help to my students to overcome professional limits and blocks.

I always request an introductory meeting because I personally select my students who must be in line with my photographic philosophy which is based on true passion and mutual respect.

Courses for all beginners, professionals, artists.

Courses for those who want to overcome their limits and find out how to become the best photographer they can be.

This link will take you to my other commercial site, for artists of all disciplines, professionals and anyone wanting to promote their work.

For consultancy related to Italian and English projects

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