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Linosa between two worlds

Linosa (Linusa in Sicilian) it's a'island ofItaly belonging toarchipelago of Pelagie Islands, in Sicily.

It has an area of 5.43 km² and is 42 km NE of Lampedusa, together with which it constitutes the municipality of Lampedusa and Linosa which has 6 341 inhabitants in the free municipal consortium of Agrigento.

The island is mentioned by the Greek Strabo and then from Pliny the Elder in Naturalis Historia as Aethusa (Αἰθοῦσσα) and Algusa (Ἀλγοῦσσα) in Greek. The name Lenusa appears in the XVI century by the Dominican Thomas Fazello. The name Linosa, on the other hand, was born in 1845 used by the knight Bernardo Maria Sanvinsente.

In 2012 I went to the island to make a report for the sea turtle recovery center.

During my stay with Luciana Santioli, a fellow photographer, friend and psychologist, I also carried out one of my researches on perception.

Synesthetic and sensory investigations of the place.

On long walks, the island can be visited all in one day, I practiced my sensory exercises.

In silence, trying to feel the impact that a volcanic island, often isolated due to storms, from the continent, inhabited by few people, had on my way of seeing and recording images.

The stories of the population, with their legends and myths, the turtle center and a reception center for immigrants did not influence too much the power of nature that exploded majestically.

I really felt them the sea and the dominion it has over the world.

The colour, in the black island, invaded me.

The sounds, the smells, the temperature, the wind, the textures everything was "violent" in Linosa.

The volcano still howled the mystery of life.

Linosa between two worlds: ours, technological, frenetic, unstoppable and hers, that of nature.


Sound and light of a game.

Blue invades every space, like the scent of salt air.

Linosa Indagini Sinestetiche e sensorial
Linosa Indagini sinestetiche e sensorial
Linosa Indagini sinestetiche e sensorial
Indagini Sinestetiche e sensoriali IMG_7
Linosa Indagini sinestetiche e sensorial
Surveys Color Flower - Plants - Sign
IMG_6979 dittico FB.jpg
IMG_6983 dittico FB.jpg
IMG_6960 trittico fb.jpg
Sense: Smell

Writing with light and smells...

Marinetti in full futurist research practiced on the sense of touch.

I practice sensory exercises every day, I love to exercise my sense of smell.

_MG_6952Vanessa Rusci.jpg

Sea turtle, rescued during an excursion by the Linosa sea turtle recovery centre. The turtle was stuck in a piece of plastic.

IMG_7558 Riel il profumo e il tempo di L

The black stone reigns supreme throughout the island. 

The prickly pear 

_MG_8747Vanessa Rusci.jpg
_MG_8778Vanessa Rusci.jpg

The island produces very few products, the supply of products, even primary ones, takes place by sea

My photographic research of 2020 - reflection on perception and vision

Special Project 2020

Overlay - Linosa Pleistocene Oxidation and Magma 2


(I continuously overlap)

Sense: Hearing

I love to "hear" the sound of every place.

In Linosa the wind is often the sovereign, together with the song of certain birds, which I am told is associated with a legend that says it is the cry of all those who have fallen into the sea.

The crash of the waves, the whistling of the wind on the rocks, a silence embroidered among the black rocks.

All the time it was slowed down. The color that is abundant in every inhabited place disappears, leaving the musical tale for the eyes to blue, white, black and a few flashes of yellow.

IMG_7413 LINOSA 21.jpg
IMG_7551 LINOSA 21.jpg
IMG_7550 LINOSA 21.jpg
IMG_7549 LINOSA 21.jpg
IMG_7544 LINOSA 21.jpg
IMG_7541 LINOSA 21.jpg
IMG_7514 LINOSA 21.jpg
IMG_7489 LINOSA 21.jpg

All materials: photos, texts, videos, are owned by the Vanessa Rusci Archive owned by the photographer's nieces,

Lavinia Rusci and Geneva Rusci.

Reproduction and use without authorization, even partial, is prohibited

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