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Sisterhood 2022

I'm preparing the new Sisterhood workshop

for info write me at

Sisterhood 2021

We are preparing the publication of the works of the first Workshop

Which took place in the summer of 2021 in Tuscany.



Experiential Photography Workshop - Sisterhood in collaboration with ANTONIO MANTA BAM 

Grosseto 22 23 24 25 July 2021

In the middle of the Maremma hills, near the bed of a small river that dries up in summer and shows its fascinating bed of stones, near the cypress path in a place where nature cries out its essence loudly.

Experiential photography workshop for women only aimed at realizing the photographic project conceived and led by Vanessa Rusci "Sorellanza"

Aimed at the creation of an exhibition and a book.

In the middle of nature, a group of women gather and together, reflecting on some female themes, they create a collective photographic project.

No rush, no cell phones, just a meeting dedicated to knowledge and femininity.

The whole workshop will be marked by natural rhythms.

I can't define this except with one word: dialogue and knowledge.

The topics that will be covered in the WorkShop are:

The woman. (Women and work. Women and relationships. Women and photography. Women with women. Women and art)


What will it be like to meet Mother Earth, Magdalene, the goddess Athena, Pancrazia, Montalcini, the first woman in space…

The modules that Vanessa offers are 6:

1) The project. Brain storming and drafting.

2) Photographic laboratory - The senses: touch, smell, hearing. (with dance and singing experience)

3) Photographic laboratory - The senses: taste and sight.

4) Experimental photographic laboratory: performing femininity. The performative portrait.

5) Photographic laboratory: The environment and women.

6) Editing and revisions

The logistics base:

BAM provides a free base camp:

For those who request it, they will be able to use, under their own responsibility, the bed in the tent.

The choice is optional: it is still possible to organize oneself with one's own means in other structures.

For overnight stays on the campsite, you are required to bring your own sleeping bag and mattress.

The main purpose of the camping experience is the creation of human exchanges and coexistence to create synergies and group: not a simple photographic workshop but an experience.

For meals, we recommend using the adjacent structure, an old private farmhouse owned by Leoni Federica, the "CURANDERA" owner of Herbology s.a.s. by Leoni Federica & co. which will provide totally organic, particular and extremely refined dishes.

This structure can serve us:

  • Arrival dinner on July 22nd

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on July 23rd

  • Breakfast and lunch on 24th and 25th July

  • For dinner on July 24th we recommend going out to a nearby restaurant/pizzeria.


Participants will be sent materials before the course to read to learn more.



392 9670076


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Photo: from ISTOCK


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