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Make 2020 Secession


On display from 17 October 2020


From the series of workshops About your body, my workshop for women on beauty and self-esteem, the series of photo sets created in 2018 2019 was born. From these photos a research on the beauty of the female body began.
A series of images of women, women translators of fears, slaves of taboos, but also fatal females, vindictive and self-comforting, women sure of their own identity, freed from centuries of darkness, traveling and in transformation, evolved. Each with a story, with marks on the body and soul, victims and carnifecs in the long journey of life.
Many other projects of mine come together in this project: the nude and the body I have been studying since 1996, Sign from 2000, Fate from 2001, Ana 2004, So Ugly 2006, the Vjtable from 2006, Concrete from 2010, About your body from 2014, Noi social 4 Women of 2016, performative portraits and perhaps a large part of my photographic journey.
Color and aesthetics become main themes: women and their stories become a word: healing, transformation, justice, freedom, lightness ...
The result of about 5 years of study and research on the theme of beauty and the representation of women in art, this work takes me to unknown shores, to be explored, to learn.
With a clear reference to Klimt's thinking on women and their representation: Secession 2020 marks a change of pace in my research, I abandon my clichés and push myself into the experimentation of beauty.

Singer-songwriter Daniele Sarno made me hear this beautiful song that I immediately connected to my work. 
It is with great pleasure that I present it to you together with my photographs.  Click and listen!
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