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Unconscious, photography, art and psychodrama

I have been passionate about psychology since 1993, the year in which, following the separation of my parents, I decided to investigate my problems related to that event with a psychologist. From then on I followed many paths, orthodox and not, fascinated by the Gestald, by visual perception, by visual interpretation. In 2001 in Milan at the school of Fabrizio Ferri University of the image I began my research on sensoriality, sensory perception and psychology, senses, art and marketing.

However, what definitively changed my approach to these researches was the reading of texts by Jodorosky.

In 2012 I met Ottavio Rosati, one of the most important European psychodramatists, for a work assignment.

I deal with corporate reportage and events and in that case I had to tell a SocioPlay, a particular psychodrama held in Siena with high school students, entitled "The Risk of Happiness". There were many of us, the event saw the participation of more than 300 boys.

At that time I collaborated with the Contact association of Siena, an association that helps the families and victims of addictions, as well as with associations that deal with eating disorders and violence against women.

I am very impressed by Ottavio Rosati's psychodrama technique at that first Socioplay and I find a strong assonance on some research I'm doing: the performative portrait and self-portrait and performance as self-therapy.

I will participate in other Socioplay with the Contact association where I will meet Ottavio Rosati again throughout Italy.

Thanks to the support of Luciana Santioli I deepen the relationship between photography and psychology.

I will also create photography workshops such as "About your Body" and Sorellanza and many performances that will shoot in Italy.

My relationships with Rosati are sporadic and every time I am fascinated by his techniques, so I decide to write to him for advice on how to deepen these topics, as I can't find much on the net or in books.

In 2017 Ottavio Rosati asked me to follow his web and social communication for his companies, one of the companies is a film and documentary production house and the other is his Psychodrama school.

I accept free of charge on the condition that I can participate and intervene in his lessons and psychodramas.

I will also move to Rome to be able to better follow the research and study groups.

With Rosati I meet Marie Luise Von Franz, I deepen Jung, thanks to the study group of the school I can also deepen my research on collective performances which will then lead to public events such as "I am pure love" and "A gift for you" held in Geneva in 2017 and 2019 for the Maison de la Jonctions, a cultural association that deals with art and society with the intervention of Michelangelo Bonitatibus and the organization of Alice Vagaggini.

Thanks to the innovative techniques of Ottavio Rosati, Bricconaggi and three-dimensional chessboards accompanied by videos, I decided to continue experimenting with the power of performance linked to photography and communication with the unconscious.

Studio among many Jacob Levi Moreno, Zerka T. Moreno, Anne SchützenbergerFrancoise Dolto, Aldo Carotenuto.

This will change my photography a lot and will lead me more and more to think about photography and the unconscious.

During these years I have studied Marie Luise Von Franz in depth, in particular thanks to Ottavio Rosati's blog and her website I have the opportunity to get to know topics such as time in psychology and the relationship with new technologies, of which Rosati makes a lot of use , especially with photography and video. 

My project DEFRAGMENTED on artificial intelligences.

And my latest research finally aware of Photo magic, the healing of the collective unconscious of women through new representations of the female body and its spirit that refers to archetypes and myths. 

The photographer produces images and it is necessary that he becomes very aware of what he produces, if great* thinkers* such as Susan Sontang, Peter Burke, Baumann, and many others had intuited that photography "touched" and "was born" the and from the psyche, the psychologists and Sociodrama together with many other active techniques confirm the power of the image in communicating with our unconscious.

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