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secede 2023

My new FoulArt to wear: Photo magic for women.
The goddesses of the past and of many ancient cultures interpreted by me become a scarf for you.
From the Secession process my "photomagic" to wear for women and for their femininity
Beauty and sensuality to wear and to show off.

By purchasing you are also supporting my artistic projects.


The Foulard is made of silk, 100x100 cm, limited edition of 9 pieces.
Hand sewn in Italy
Comes with box & nbsp;and certificate of authenticity.
Price 65 Euros plus shipping costs.
Delivery in 4 days

For more  information or purchases of the entire series
+39 392 9670076



infinity 2019

My new FoulArt for the 200th anniversary of Giacomo Leopardi's Infinity

Always dear to me was this hill,
And this hedge, which goes a long way
From the last horizon the gaze excludes.
But sitting and looking, take it forever
Spaces beyond that, and superhuman
Silence, and very deep quiet
In my thoughts I pretend; where for a while
The heart is not afraid. And like the wind
I hear rustling among these plants, I that one
Infinite silence to this voice
I compare: and I remember the eternal,
And the dead seasons, and the present
And alive, and the sound of her. So between this
Immensity drowns my thought:
And shipwreck is sweet to me in this sea.

INFINITO Varu Vanessa Rusci

The foulard is made of silk, 115x115 cm, limited edition of 3 pieces.

It is delivered with personalized packaging and certificate of authenticity.

Price 300 Euros.

For information

+39 392 9670076



Life breaks down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.

Stella Adler

foul a rt

My photos become wearable art.

My flowers and the poetry of the greatest world poetesses.

foulard 2  total QUADRATO 70X70.jpg

8 Subjects

Limited edition

3 Types:

Line Pop 135x31 cm

Limited edition of 15 pieces

Lordly Silk 90x90 cm

Limited edition 9 pieces

Exclusive 115x115 cm

Limited edition 1 single piece.

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