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In particular

In particular Vanessa Rusci

Presentation by Roberto Mutti, Photopractic director, artistic director of Foiano Fotografia.

An installation that wants to be authentically interactive requires the viewer to leave the role he has accepted to become the protagonist himself.

In this way the border, sometimes subtle yet very solid, that divides the work from its user is broken, Vanessa Rusci provokes, suggests, encourages to drop this barrier: if the observer, as often happens so often, does not recognize himself in the exhibited and would have liked to see others, why not allow him to fulfill these wishes? The large photographic cubes allow every possible composition, everyone can go in search of harmonies, analogies, combinations while Vanessa rusci observes what happens from the outside, because having transformed the observers into authors they just have to occupy their previous role!

Roberto Mutti

The exhibition was exhibited for the first time during the Sagra della Val d'Arbia in Buonconvento (Siena) in 2002. Project Financed by the municipality of Buonconvento and the Tuscany Region.

In 2003 he won the prize for the “creativity” selection at the “Foiano Fotografia” event.

In particular, it is an installation made up of 92 photographs, installed on various forms of aluminum, three-dimensional and two-dimensional.

It deals with the issue of senility and the relationship that today's society has with the elderly.
The whole interactive installation is based on a parallelepiped made up of 16 aluminum cubes that the public is invited to dismantle and reassemble at will.

The peculiarity of the cubes is to be worked in such a way as to annoy the touch, symbolizing the wrinkles of the elderly.

The original installation involved the projection of a video made with the images of the work reworked and accompanied with contemporary music.

Part of the work was recently purchased and included in the collection

by the collector Michele Manelli.

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