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Suitable to be worn or to be framed as a unique piece.

Certified by the No Name Collective Gallery in London

  • FOULART format: 115x115cm

  • Scarf material: Real Silk Satin 85gsm

  • Hem Type: Baby Hem

  • Thread color (upper): White Thread

Based on the Poetry and Photography series. These images were made from Emily Dickison's poems and letters. F1285 (1873) / J1265 (1873)

"The most triumphant Bird I have ever seen or met

He installed himself on a Branch


And as long as the Dominion lasted

Eager I observed such an eminent vision

It is a song not at all palpable

If not the intimate delight.

He withdrew, and resumed his transitory state

What a delightful Damn

The most exquisite Glory befits! "

There are four versions of this poem, with several variations which however do not change the substance. For two, a transcript by Mabel Todd from an unidentified version and another by Frances Norcross of a letter to her and her sister Louise dated April 1873 (L388), the manuscript is lost. Of the two autographed versions, one appears to be a draft with variations, while the other is contained in a letter to Elizabeth Holland in the summer of 1873 (L391).

A bird that alights on a branch and then leaves, becomes a hymn to joy and beauty for their own sake, without a concrete purpose to which to lead that vision and that melodious song, which act to satiate an intimate delight that is not contaminated by the thirst to appear. In the last two lines there is an exhortation to be able to grasp the hidden, and perhaps accidental, moments of nature and life.

The printing of the scarves is carried out with natural water-based dyes that do not contain toxic substances harmful to the environment.

The technique used for printing on synthetic fabrics is "Dye Sublimation", which allows the dyes to penetrate deeply into the fibers of the fabric ensuring a brilliant and luminous yield that does not fade even after many washes.

All our products are manufactured in London, in collaboration with Contrado Imaging Ltd. London from design to print, from manufacturing to shipping.

These are unique products that you won't find anywhere else.

Joy - Exclusive Line ExtreMe Silk 115x115 cm

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