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Will We be shaped or erased?
artificial intelligence

Algorithms and AI.
My art project on the use of Artificial Intelligences.
Starting from a project about time and perception I started working with AI Algorithms: Challenging them, collaborating with them, reflecting on art and what is happening.
I start from one of my shots or an icon and I use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to produce reworked images.
I then select the results of the reprocessing.
The next step is to try to educate an AI on the concept of the social value of art...

In chronological order from the last experiment to the first, here is the whole evolution of the project.

"We live defragmented, like the pixels of a digital image. We feel broken and from these pieces we recreate our image and the images of the world around us, knowing that we are recomposing copies, semblances of originals. Telling all of this, being contemporary with everything at the same time this, having no words to describe it, or weapons to defend and defend it. Discovering that artificial intelligence seems to understand it, "photograph" it, archive it sooner and better, is both frustrating and exciting. Destabilizing and obvious... tiring. You have opened a new eye, like, gamble, like Monet did. Now teach us to see."
Daniele Sarno  

August 2021


February 2022: Collaboration with Polo Culturale the Poor Clares, the AI meet the Luzzetti Collection 
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ICONs, brands, monuments, art and theater 2021

in June 2021 my reflection returns to take care of our daily life, to our relationship with Brands, Icons, Monuments, Art, Theater, Cinema... How will AI influence this relationship?

Agosto 2021 Icons

April 2021 Stretching algorithm
Does it create us? Cancel us?
Does it transform us? He certainly recognizes us, studies us, learns from us.
And he decides... Yes, his decision-making processes are increasingly precise...
Interviewed 5 years ago, an artificial intelligence answers the question "Can you ever cancel us?"
"Yes, because you created us and you are fallacious, you may have made mistakes..."


Stretched Defragmented Portraits


VaRu 2021

Defragmented portraits Early November 2020

Defragmented portrait
The experience of time


Step 1
Series of 200 portraits made and to be made on the concept of time and our perception using applications that use Artificial Intelligence.

Reflection on the book "The Experience of Time" by Marie-Louise von Franz.
During the pandemic the virtual image has spread affecting our perception of time and distance.

The final images are created with an AI algorithm which creates a sequence of micro images on one of my photographs and superimposes them, offering me a certain number of solutions and my action is to select the most harmonious sequence.

Step two

The work I'm doing on the portrait with the fragmentation of photography, alternately using an algorithm or Photoshop, hence the sub-title - VaRu vs Algorithm - which I use on Instagram develops, as always on several levels.

The time taken by the algorithm is thousandth compared to what I use.

I started this research on fragmentation in 1998, the first creations I made by cutting printed photographs and gluing them, it was a research on the perception and composition of an image and even then I was reflecting on the concept of time.

Today, after years of studying perception, after meeting with

IPOD - Training School in Psychodrama

which led me to meet important psychology scholars who deal with the topics of my research (in this case Marie Louise Von Franz, a pupil of Jung, and in particular her book "the experience of time") and fascinated by artificial intelligence and from the Learning Machines I started this new phase.

Perception and time are modified by the use of certain algorithms.

I was studying an algorithm that randomly modified the images.

My actions were basically three:

take the photo,

post produce it, and after the algorithm had modified it,

choose the one that I think is the most harmonious.


Ho lavorato molto sulla memoria e il tempo: qui torvi un altro lavoro di molti anni fa.

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