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Exclusive line ExtreMe Silk 115x115 cm

I have always thought of art as something that improves life, embellishes it, gives escape, feeds the mind and heart, offers input, gives creative energy. I have always believed that art should come out of canonical places and be among the people, circulate through the streets and contaminate the world with beauty and life. These FoulArt mark another stage of my research journey. A photograph that becomes an object to be worn, that becomes a friable and exclusive work but that comes out among the people. What I then imagine is that, at a certain point, the owner frames it, brings it back to its primary status as a photograph to be observed, as a work of art, after having experienced it, after having lived it. This line is unique and exclusive like a painting or a sculpture, something you choose by affinity, like every time you choose a work of art.

Mirrors are used to look at one's face, and art is used to look at one's soul, said George Bernard Shaw.

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