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I can't find peace and I don't have to make war
and I fear, and I hope; and I burn, and I am an ice;
and I fly above the sky, and I lie on the ground;
and I hold nothing, and I embrace the whole world.

Flowers and Poetry

Poets celebrate life, nature and its processes.

I am attracted to flowers, their perfection, their beauty and their transience.

Photographing them gives me serenity and allows me to observe them, covering a lot about the greatness and creativity of nature.

I love poetry in the same way, this obsolete art for some, captures me and drags me into the greatness of life.

I started reading poetry many years ago and put myself in the studio to photograph a flower, first on the poems of Emily Dickinson then those of Whitman, Ungaretti, Dante, Leopardi, Pascoli Neruda and all the poets I have read and still read, ancient and contemporary.

An exercise in beauty and an education in life.

A lightbox, two studio flashes and flowers.

Impermanence, passion, poetry and life.

As poets' poems often exist in different versions, so it is for my images, both in formats and in post-productions.


This work was used in a marketing operation by Lavanderia industriali Senese, in Siena.

For Christmas 2006 they wanted to give limited edition fine art prints to their customers, in various formats.

Love and death
Brothers, at the same time, Love and Death
He cast his luck.
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