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The light

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Canon Young 2003

Vanessa Rusci

Anna Ferrara

Digital and Analog Photography

Development in C41

Flash slideshow


Competition presentation text

Double Light witches writers

by Varu & Anna F.

Our work was born for fun, one night in August on a terrace of a house, bored by the summer heat and inspired by fireflies, a game with light, a comparison between two types of photography, digital and analog, which has been transformed in a story: struggle between two witches, between a fairy and a witch, between good and evil, between old and new ...

It was night we wrote with light and from this work a slide show was born, from which we took the photos to participate in the competition.

We have titled the work Double: light witches writers.

And in fact it is precisely with the light that we have written, some flashes and the light of street lamps, of the headlights of the cars that passed under us and some lighters.

Both our digital camera, a Nikon 5400 colpix and our reflex a Nikon F90 had set the same ISO, 100, the times changed according to the image we wanted, from the slow sync shutter speed to the flash sync times, a good preview and a good dose of imagination helped us.

To conclude and make the images more similar to each other we developed the films, which were slides, with the c41 process, the same that is used for negative films, and we modified the digital images a little.

Inside the cd rom, in addition to the 15 photographs to participate in the competition, you can view the complete slide show composed of 42 photographs and edited with music, it is a flash file.

For us Photography is also and above all creativity!

Good vision!

Varu and Anna F.

Siena Milan 26 11 2003


ready made

(I only use it as already done!)

I got embarrassed!

then time rewound ...

and the salt has pinched my nose ...

That's why we get bored

for this we are no longer able to appease ourselves

they speak of Gods

but they have not known


We, we have abused it

...too much.


Envious of

that our freedom

I'm looking for an absinthe

(yet we should have become wise!)

and today what to do for


- But if they are blind

how can they photograph? -

No! I swore I would feel no contempt ... ever ...

Naivety, I like it

if it still exists,

if it passes from the heart,

-but no I think there is a wall, between mind and heart-

I'm talking too much

as always,

not even with photos

I can summarize ...

We were CRAZY

Crazy with discomfort


atavistic our dance

how to discover fire

already knowing you can control it ...

There were too many ...

We couldn't get rid of it.

They were too different,

just like the two of us.

yet sometimes the Sabbath returns ...

with that ancient language

with that saving dirge ...

still makes sense ... to us.

See all the photos and the slide show

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