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Yesterday (detail)

Scarf size: 135x31 cm

Hem Type: Baby Hem

Thread color (upper): White Thread

Based on the Poetry and Photography series.

These images were made from Emily Dickison's poems and letters. F1290 (1873) / J1292 (1873)

One thought on the poem:

The past moves away quickly and is transformed, when we remember it and tell it, into poetry or philosophy; but the past is also the mystery of the passage of time, which leaves no room for too many speculations, otherwise we risk losing the present, making it fly away, just like the past, while we are too busy with memories.

The printing of the scarves is carried out with natural water-based dyes that do not contain toxic substances harmful to the environment.

The technique used for printing on synthetic fabrics is "Dye Sublimation", which allows the dyes to penetrate deeply into the fibers of the fabric ensuring a brilliant and luminous yield that does not fade even after many washes.

All our products are manufactured in London, in collaboration with Contrado Imaging Ltd. London from design to print, from manufacturing to shipping.

These are unique products that you won't find anywhere else.

Yesterday - POP Line 135x31 cm


    for any problem in the purchase write on whatasapp at 392 9670076 Italian number

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